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PDS Connect

Precision Data Solutions (dba PDS Connect) is a locally owned Internet Service Provider serving rural areas in and around Mooresville, Martinsville and Monrovia. PDS Connect cares most about providing the best service and customer satisfaction, which sets it apart from other phone and cable companies. The bottom line is – PDS Connect is not outsourced and 100% of its staff live in the community in which it serves. While all the bigger guys are re-branding themselves because of customer complaints, PDS Connect is winning over those customers that are unhappy with the phone company or cable company while returning a great internet experience back to the customer. Please take this opportunity to meet the team, and maybe if you aren’t currently a customer, you would consider signing up for service.

About PDS Connect (317) 831-3000

Our Team

We have to provide the best quality service because we shop in the same stores and go to the same community events.

Eric Rogers

Founder & CEO

Andy Trimmell

Business Manager

Mike Beard


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