High-Speed Fiber Internet at Morgan County Fair

Martinsville, Indiana, July 27, 2018

PDS Connect is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the Morgan County Fairgrounds to provide a high-speed fiber optic network for internet connectivity for all buildings located within the fairgrounds. PDS Connect has completed Phase 1 of the construction of the advanced technology high-speed fiber optic broadband network.

The Morgan County Fairgrounds are now connected to the internet and ready to provide valuable service to its patrons. The operating agreement will now allow vendors access to the network to provide services such as credit card payments, Internet connectivity, streaming, and other advanced technologies.

Over the past five years, PDS Connect has provided wireless services to limited areas and the demand has grown to the point where PDS Connect wanted to extend services to all points of the fairgrounds. The Morgan County Fair is one of the leaders in providing this type of service to its vendors.

“It was a pleasure working with several members of the fair board to implement this project. We look forward to bringing new options and being technology leaders within our community,” said Eric Rogers, President of PDS Connect.

PDS Connect is the only local internet provider and a leader in high-speed broadband internet service in Morgan County. All of the PDS Connect employees live in the community they serve. For 19 years, PDS Connect has worked with municipal, business and residential customers to provide the best in telecommunications services and that commitment will continue in Morgan County and its surrounding areas.

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