What Happens in Vegas…

What happens in Vegas…happened again this year!

Only this year, it was BIGGER and BETTER than the last time! This year’s WISPAPALOOZA began with a weekend full of fiberoptic training covering the entire ecosystem of fiber deployments. In addition to the fiber training, the conference featured seven days of hands-on training, interactive sessions on technical aspects, business challenges and success stories, marketing and sales tips and strategies and updates on our nation’s regulatory environment in the telecommunications industry.  The conference hosted an Exhibit Hall with approximately 100 vendors and had over 1,000 attendees.

Ubiquiti Networks also announced its new products available and the launch of the Ubiquiti Worldwide Network(TM) (beta), which is a global alliance of individual wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) working toward a single vision that leverages a unified technology platform to help foster growth and innovation among WISPs. Below is a link to a 1:30 commercial video that you might start seeing on your local and national network TV stations. Check it out!

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